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SecurityMission Statement

It is the goal of the administration, faculty, staff and parents of iLearn Schools to provide a safe, secure and friendly educational environment for students. iLearn Schools has developed and implemented a School Safety Team (SST) that provides leadership and direction to achieve this goal. The SST serves as a professional learning committee (PLC) to implement programs and procedures to have iLearn Schools incompliance with the rules and regulations of the New Jersey Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights.

Safety in Hudson Arts and Science Charter School

Security 411- Our security staff possesses well over 400 years of combined in law enforcement and military experience. They serve as one of the many layers of security we have implemented to ensure a safe and secure educational environment for your child. With electronically controlled entrances, surveillance video systems, and random physical perimeter monitoring by our security officers, we are always striving to develop better and more efficient methods to keep all visitors, staff, and students safe. We conduct ourselves with professionalism and understand our role in nurturing and mentoring our students. We have been successful thus far in creating a positive and safe environment without the use of firearms by our officers. We recognize that some schools have made the decision to allow their security officers to carry weapons and respect their rationale, but we have decided our layers of security are appropriate and appreciated by our staff and students.

Without a doubt, you are the most important and influential person in your child’s life. Have you discussed with your child how they can help keep themselves safe? Have you had a discussion about some of the attacks and disasters that have occurred? Know that students discuss what is happening in the news and your mentorship and open dialog about serious issues with your child can help them process and understand what these events mean and what is being done to maintain their safety.

The security staff operates under NJ State guidelines which can be reviewed here:

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